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Sincerely Lash & Beauty is a high-end lash studio specializing in semi-permanent eyelash extensions and permanent makeup.

Let our professional team help you achieve the eye lashes you dream about. We start with a consultation this helps us understand the look you want to achieve. We will introduce our products and explain the entire process. By the end of your session you will have a full understanding of the process, products and how to maintain your new look. We promise you will love the effortlessness of your new look.


* Please note fill services are only offered to return clients, SL&B does not work of other salons work or products.

The Classic

Every single lash is isolated and a high quality synthetic lash is attached to give a full natural looking set of lashes or go for a bold dramatic look or anywhere in between.
  • Full set - $135
  • Classic Ultra Fill (up to 90 min or up to 60% loss) - $85
  • Classic Standard Fill (up to 75 min or up to 30% loss) - $60


Hybrid lash sets are an equal mix of classic and volume lash extensions. The Hybrid set is perfect for those that do not have enough time required for a volume set but want a personalized, fuller set. Our technicians have been professionally certified in the application of volume and hybrid lash extensions and create a dramatic look you will love.
  • Hybrid Full Set (2.5 - 3 hours) - $275
  • Hybrid Ultra Fill (1.5 -2 hours) - $125
  • Hybrid Standard Fill (up to 75 min) - $95


The Volume technique entails adding 2-6 extremely fine lashes that are almost weightless to 1 of your lashes. A brilliant set of lashes that are light weight to the natural lash, making long-term wear even more plausible.
  • Volume Full Set (up to 4 hours) - $350
  • Volume Ultra Fill (2 – 2.5 hours) - $150

Lash Lifts

Safe eyelash perming of the natural lash an alternative to lash extensions that lasts up 5-8 weeks (Tint included with lift). - $100

Brow wax

Eyebrow grooming and shaping -$25

Wax & brow tint

Eyebrow grooming followed by lash tint from light to darker black or brown tints to darken the eyebrows. -$35

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Eye Lash Care & Tips

How Do I Prepare For My Eye Lash Appointment?

  • Make sure that all makeup (eyeliner, mascara and mascara residue) has been removed completely. Any eye makeup left on your lashes will cause your new eyelash extensions to loosen and lead to premature shedding. For first time clients please arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment for a professional eyelash consultation.

How Do I maintain my Eye Lash Extensions?

  • Do not expose lash extensions to moisture for the first 24 hours. Light mist is fine
  • Avoid hot steam, saunas, or spray tans after new lash set or fresh fill
  • Avoid running water directly on your lashes
  • Do not rub your eyes
  • There is no need for mascara with extensions. If applied use oil free and water base mascara
  • Always clean lashes before your appointment especially if makeup is used so lashes last and adhere properly
  • When using night creams/serums, apply lightly and blot off excess so lash extensions don’t accumulate oils that cause shedding
  • Do not try to remove your own lash extensions at home. Come see your lash technician for proper fast removal that won’t harm your natural lash.
  • Use water based eye makeup remover
  • Do not perform any other service or treatments to your lashes
  • Do not use a mechanical eyelash curler
  • Do not pull on your lashes.
  • Clean your eye makeup with wipes/cloth but be gentle around the eyes. (Avoid cotton or Q-tips so lint or tugging is avoided to lashes)

Our Policies

Cancellation Policy:

Sincerely Lash and Beauty offers the highest quality classic and volume lash extensions, micro-blading, lash lifts and other beauty services. Our technicians are professionally trained, licensed and certified. We insist on providing you with the best service possible using the best products available that are made in the USA.  Sincerely Lash and Beauty offers services by appointment only. Please note: Our time is reserved upon your booking therefore, a 24-hour notice must be given to reschedule or cancel appointments. We hold the room and technician exclusively for your visit. Failing to cancel within 24 hours will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the service charge.  A credit card will be required by all clients to secure your appointment; by agreeing to our booking/cancellation policy, you authorize Sincerely Lash and Beauty to charge your credit card on file per cancellation policy. If you are running late we do understand and as a courtesy will accept fill clients up till 10 minutes after their scheduled appointment times however, the appointment will end at the scheduled time as to not inconvenience the next client. Full set clients are required to arrive on time for the full lash experience. If you arrive 11 minutes after your scheduled appointment time the cancellation fee will be charged.

*As a courtesy to our clients, Sincerely Lash and Beauty offers appointment reminders through text and email. When completing your profile please use an email address that you regularly check and ensure that you “turn on” notifications. It is ultimately your responsibility to remember your scheduled appointments.  Appointment No Shows and arriving after 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment, will result in Sincerely Lash and Beauty charging a no-show fee of 50% of service, and future appointments may need to be prepaid at the discretion of Sincerely Lash and Beauty.

Relaxing Spa Like Environment:

We want to provide all our clients with a relaxing peaceful environment a place where they can relax and be pampered. Please understand we require children to be accompanied by an adult and to wait in the lobby area outside of the room as space is very limited.

Redo Policy:

Please contact us within 24 hours via Text or Voicemail if you notice any excess or uneven shedding. Please do not email.

*By making appointments with Sincerely Lash and Beauty you are agreeing to these terms.

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